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Welcome to Flawless! An award winning spa where we specialize in high-performance facials and gorgeous brow design.


At Flawless we tailor the perfect facial treatment based on your skin's needs to achieve transformative results. Our approach is very unique, we combine high-tech science based modalities with high grade botanicals to support your skin from the inside out, delivering superior results in the most luxurious yet relaxing and private atmosphere.

Our mission is to elevate your natural beauty to empower you with confidence so you can feel and look your best. 

We believe in making the world more beautiful not just by providing the best beauty services available but by giving back.


Let's get glowing.



Yarely believes that skin health is the foundation for flawless skin. Fanatic of Science, creativity and beauty, Yarely is a veteran in the Aesthetics world who is always looking to innovate.

She has developed a very unique style by combining her love for organic chemistry with non-invasive technology to heal, transform and rejuvenate the skin.

When she is not at Flawless, you can find her exploring the Twin Cities with her family, gardening or cooking a traditional Mexican meal.


Founder & Advanced Practice Esthetician




Celine is licensed Esthetician and has a deep love for skin and for transforming brows. Celine has personally struggled with her skin and knows how difficult it can be to be happy in your own skin and she wants to be that light for other people. She also specializes in eyebrow waxing that will leaving you feeling flawless every time.


When she is not a Flawless, you can find her thrifting, painting, going to the gym and on coffee runs.



Advanced Practice Esthetician

Audrey is a passionate skin expert and brow artist. She will help you to take your skin and brows to the next level, her facial massage will drift you away while giving you the best glow and the best facelift. 

Audrey has years of experience, she has the most calming energy and sweetest personality that will make you feel like you have known her forever.

She loves educating her clients on how to take care of their skin at home to achieve long lasting results.

When she is not at Flawless you can find her cooking, camping, planning her next trip or taking a nice walk with her hubby.

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