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After being in the industry for 20 years I can tell you that I have tried so many things and honestly, I have never seen anything that can do what  microcurrent does.


About 6 years ago, I had a client reach out asking if there was anything I could do to help her to lift her face, after suffering a stroke half of her face had paralyzed. I had just gotten my training and new microcurrent device, I had nothing to offer from experience but I wanted to help her so I told her that we could try lifting her face muscles and re-train them with this technology, I did not make any promises but we would just go with the flow.


Her goal was to be able to smile again, are you kidding me? Can you imagine not being able to smile? It seriously broke my heart, I could see how she felt very insecure about her appearance as her face was not symmetrical, the left side was very droopy, eating was a struggle as she had no control of her lips on that side, same reason why she couldn’t smile, she had a hard time blinking as well that her eye would get very dry and irritated.


I began the with a low current on her, it was soothing and we both had hope. I started seeing her on weekly basis because we wanted faster results, but I can tell you that immediately after one treatment she started to feel a little sensation back and I could see her muscles more contoured. By the end of two sessions we both got super excited as we were noticing more changes. We kept going, spacing her treatments to once a month. Every time she left feeling more confident and closer to show a bigger smile until one day she was smiling again and her blinking got regulated. We both could not believe it and shared tears of joy!!


The goal of microcurrent is to increase cellular energy, in her case her nervous system experienced such a shock with the stroke that it had lost all conductivity, damaging her nerves and her face muscles were not responding to any movement, with the current we supported nerve regeneration and supported her body's natural healing abilities that gave her these beautiful results.


I knew I was onto something, ever since then I have been obsessed with microcurrent because there is NOTHING that could’ve helped her the way microcurrent did, absolutely nothing, no injection, no filler, no laser, no acupuncture, nada!


The more I research the more I am convinced that microcurrent is the absolute best way to keep your skin healthy, radiant and rejuvenated because it is so healing and so life giving, yes stem cells multiply!

The nervous system is so delicate,  this is the reason why we prefer supporting our face muscles with microcurrent versus injecting it with a neurotoxin that blocks nerve and cell communication. Specially because those face injections are so close to the brain, honestly nobody knows what the long term negative effects of Botox are. 



What we know is that any toxin in our bodies create cellular damage, so long term use of neurotoxins that disconnect neurotransmitters cannot be good in any way. 

Try Microcurrent instead! Only Microcurrent can increase cellular energy (ATPs) by 500% which means more collagen, more elastin, better cell communication, more toned muscles and better skin rejuvenation. This alternative is clean and sustainable. 

In clinic we offer really great options for monthly maintenance, Our most popular is The Holistic Face Lift, where we combine Microcurrent with Near infra red light plus we use an organic blend of botanicals that create microchannels to naturally increase collagen production, instantly lifting and contouring your face.


Microcurrent on its own is super effective, when you book our microcurrent facial or the Holistic Facial you still get the benefits of exfoliation and extractions prior to it, so yes it is a full facial but we add those modalities and make it super relaxing!! It is quite the experience, most people fall asleep.


These treatments can be done as close as one week to 6 weeks, it all depends on how much correction you want to see.


Once you get to the results you desire you just maintain with a treatment every 4-6 weeks.


We are seriously seeing such amazing results that people are aging


At home you can use a personal microcurrent device, our favorite is Myolift QT it is simple to use, comes with different electro-pads to go hands free, there is an app you download where it shows you how to use it. Say goodbye to toxic injections and glow with a clean and effective therapy that is sustainable! This is now available at $299 regular price $329

Check out the Myolift QT in our store and come visit us at Flawless Skin & Brow Boutique in Bloomington, MN for a microcurrent facial so you can experience all its benefits.


Live beautifully,


Yarely R. 

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We couldn't wait any longer to tell you all about it!!

Just in time for the New Year!! We are thrilled to introduce our newest full body treatment and you are never going to believe the incredible results!!

Body Detox & Sculpt will provide you the most healing benefits at a cellular level, reducing inflammation, bloating, fluid retention, it will support your body in eliminating toxic build-up and boost your natural immunity all while getting sculpted! Do we need to say more?

The lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is a network of delicate tubes throughout the body. It drains fluid (called lymph) that has leaked from the blood vessels into the tissues and empties it back into the bloodstream via the lymph nodes.

The main roles of the lymphatic system include:

  • managing the fluid levels in the body

  • reacting to bacteria & managing microorganisms.

  • dealing with cancer cells

  • dealing with cell products that otherwise would result in disease or disorders

  • absorbing some of the fats in our diet from the intestine.

Similar to the circulatory system, the lymphatic system delivers vital nutrients and helps expel harmful toxins from the body. But, unlike the circulatory system the lymphatic system doesn't have a mechanical pump to distribute this fluid thorughout the body, like the heart in the circulatory system, leaving the lymphatic fluid more prone to become stagnant with the amount of toxins and inflammation that we carry around.

A stagnant lymphatic system

A sluggish & stagnant lymphatic system can result in a lowered immune system, fluid retention, cellulite and fatty deposits. It can also be a root cause of respiratory problems, sinus infections, swollen glands, eczema, acne, colds and ear infections.

Get the best detox, get sculpted and stay healthy!

This Body treatment has been inspired by the book Hope for Cancer by Dr. Jimenez. In his clinics in Mexico, Dr. Jimenez and his team provide advanced healing therapies that support the body, they focus in detoxification to expel toxins out and promote new cell growth to eliminate and heal all kinds of cancers! I have been fascinated with their work as I have two friends, who have gone there and they have healed completely from cancer without surgeries, radiation or chemo!

While I was reading his book it occured to me that we are not detoxifying enough, there is so much that we can prevent just by doing that! Our bodies have been designed in the most powerful way to self-heal but when we are so loaded with toxins that our cells get weak and do not replenish like they should, allowing bad cells to take over.

So I created this protocol to support our bodies in the elimination of harmful toxins and support the growth of new healthy cells while looking and feeling your best!

There is simply nothing like it!

This body treatment is such a nice complete and relaxing experience! You will begin with a 30 min sauna session to open up lymphatic pathways, start elimination and warm up your body for the best results!

Then your service provider will take you to the treatment room to perform manual lymphatic drainage while you are laying down on the bed, which will be set up to ground you, near infrared light will be infusing your body to keep you warm and give your cells a boost of energy (which translates to more collagen and elastin formation!), these two modalities are amazing tools to reduce inflammation instantly! The lymphatic drainage will be performed on your entire body, focusing more on the mid-section of the body as we have a vast number of lymphatic passages and nodes there and because we are not going to lie we absolutely love the sculpting effect achieved by working that belly area more!. We will complete the treatment with microcurrent technology to tighten and tone abdominal muscles.

Seriously so healing and rejuvenating at so many levels!!!

Thoughout the month of January we are offering a special introductory price of $180 per session.

Check out these amazing results achieved after one treatment!

Inflammation goes down, stagnant fluid gets moving and the mid-section looks incredible!

We are all loving this treatment because not only does it greatly assist the body in its natural detoxification process, but it leaves you feeling lighter and with a more sculpted core. If you are feeling weighed down by the holiday season, or need help meeting your New Year's resolutions, this is the perfect treatment for you!

One session alone is great but a series of three is highly recommended about 1-3 weeks apart. To keep up with results we recommend clean eating, maintaing good levels of hydration, limiting alcohol and excercise. Then from there you can add one here and there to your routine for maintenance or when your body shows you signs that it needs drainage support! (feeling bloated, sluggish and accumulating cellulite).

The Sauna session included is 30 mins and full body treatment is an hour long.

You will be just wearing comfy underwear, we'll provide a disposable bra and towel to coverup. This treatment will be offer to women only :)


Are you ready to feel and look your best while boosting your immunity?

We are so proud to be able to offer this service here in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area, there are similar treatments being offered in New York and LA but we have taken it to a whole new level of healing and prevention.

With so much love and excitement,


Let me know what you think or if you have any questions!!

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  • Writer's pictureYarely Rivera

Does your skin feel like its dull, sagging, and lifeless? Dermal fillers may seem like a good solution to this problem. However, dermal fillers are not always the best option ⚠️

👉🏼 If dermal filler is injected in the wrong place it can block your blood vessels and potentially cause death of the skin tissue.

👉🏼 Dermal fillers do not dissolve as they are promoted, it has been proven that they stay in the system for many years affecting the skin tissue by slowing down cell communication and circulation.

👉🏼 Dermal fillers become like cement, it hardens and by adding more each time you are also adding more weight so long term your skin will be more droopy and creates a never ending cycle where you will end up using more fillers each time but you do now want to end with a puffy face.

Before you go that route consider alternative therapies that work with your body and that are more sustainable for boosting healthy collagen and elastin production:

✨ MICROCURRENT: Increases cellular energy which leads to more collagen, as well as creating a nice lift that will give your skin the support it needs.

✨ MICROCHANNELING: Creates tiny injuries setting your skin into healing mode while stimulating your skin to release high quality collagen.

Here are a few healthy habits to additionally boost collagen:

✨ Your skincare should contain peptides, which are Amino Acids, that fuel your skin to increase collagen synthesis.

✨ Retinol should be part of your routine.

✨ Sound Therapy sets your skin at a higher frequency creating a ripple effect within the tissue improving cell communication and helping your skin behave like if it was younger for… you guessed it,more collagen formation!!

✨ Always wear your SPF to slow aging.

✨ Sleep on your back as much as possible, 🙄 do not even say it is hard. Just do it! Train yourself... it is worth it!!

✨ Eat healthy fats and lots of veggies, avoid processed food.

✨ Definitely do not smoke and limit alcohol consumption.

These simple alternatives and lifestyle changes will promoted your skin's collagen and elastin production! What could be better than that?!

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