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Covid19 Preparednessplan

Each day we are charting the date, our name, temperature and any relevant health conditions we are presented with that day upon arrival at work.


A new pair of gloves should be worn throughout the entire esthetic service and while performing sanitation and disinfection of all implements and surfaces after each client session.


Before leaving the treatment room remove gloves and wash hands.


Wear a mask throughout your entire interaction with the client, from the initial greeting, screening and interview until the client leaves.


We are requesting clients to wear a mask while getting services that allow so. If the service requires clients to remove mask (i.e. lip wax or facials), we need to protect with the face shield in addition to the face mask.


When performing facials and when clients cannot wear face masks (for example if a client has asthma or claustrophobia we will make an exemption) wear a face shield.


We are using disposables whenever possible.


Avoid hugging or shaking hands with clients.


Treatment table and station setup will remain largely unchanged. Linens including sheets, blankets and client draping are changed for each client just like we always have done.


At the start of each appointment we need to communicate protective measures being taken to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in order to both educate clients and inform them of their role in protecting staff as well as other clients.


Product for treatment should be pre-dispensed onto a product pallet to avoid cross contamination. If product bottles must be handled, allow time to wipe down all product bottles with an EPA-approved disinfectant post-treatment.


A diffuser with a purifying essential oil blend should be running during operating hours.


Use hospital grade, EPA-approved disinfectants to clean anything the client came in contact with including your station, chair, rolling carts, table, doorknobs, implements, storage containers and used implements.


Repeat hand-washing protocol and reset table and treatment space for next client.


Prior to appointments we are sending a pre-screening email with the COVID-19 information and liability waiver.


We are advising clients to conduct a self-check of their body temperature the day before and the day of their appointment. 

If a client does not feel well or has any symptoms compatible with COVID-19, they should stay home. They should also stay home if they have a household member experiencing symptoms compatible with COVID-19.

We are offering flexibility with our cancelation policy if the client presents any COVID-19 symptoms, any sickness or if someone in their household is presenting symptoms. We will not charge any penalties for COVID-19 related cancellations at this time.


Only clients receiving services are allowed in the workspace unless the client is a minor or requires supervision or assistance. No additional guests are welcome at this time.


We are declining to provide services to a customer if there is any suspicion that they are sick or symptomatic, and may advise them to leave the facility.


Clients will be required to wash their hands before facials. We are providing a contactless soap and paper towel dispenser. Clients getting waxing or non-facial services will be provided with hand sanitizer as they arrive.

Clients will check in via text when they arrive. They must wait in their cars until we conform that they can come in.


All magazines are being removed.

We are advising clients to bring their own bottle of water with them for the time being. We can still provide beverages, but clients are not permitted to dispense coffee, tea or water. An employee must assist them.

Clients are not allowed to touch products; we will be assisting them if they need products.


We are using a contactless card reader and checkout system.


End of the day post-client cleaning will include cleaning the phone, keyboard, thermometer, light switches, doorknobs, bathroom and any other surfaces clients came in contact with with UV sanitizer.


If any staff presents COVID-19 symptoms we will cancel all scheduled appointments and quarantine for 14 days.

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