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  • Yarely Rivera

Need a Collagen Boost?!

Does your skin feel like its dull, sagging, and lifeless? Dermal fillers may seem like a good solution to this problem. However, dermal fillers are not always the best option ⚠️

👉🏼 If dermal filler is injected in the wrong place it can block your blood vessels and potentially cause death of the skin tissue.

👉🏼 Dermal fillers do not dissolve as they are promoted, it has been proven that they stay in the system for many years affecting the skin tissue by slowing down cell communication and circulation.

👉🏼 Dermal fillers become like cement, it hardens and by adding more each time you are also adding more weight so long term your skin will be more droopy and creates a never ending cycle where you will end up using more fillers each time but you do now want to end with a puffy face.

Before you go that route consider alternative therapies that work with your body and that are more sustainable for boosting healthy collagen and elastin production:

✨ MICROCURRENT: Increases cellular energy which leads to more collagen, as well as creating a nice lift that will give your skin the support it needs.

✨ MICROCHANNELING: Creates tiny injuries setting your skin into healing mode while stimulating your skin to release high quality collagen.

Here are a few healthy habits to additionally boost collagen:

✨ Your skincare should contain peptides, which are Amino Acids, that fuel your skin to increase collagen synthesis.

✨ Retinol should be part of your routine.

✨ Sound Therapy sets your skin at a higher frequency creating a ripple effect within the tissue improving cell communication and helping your skin behave like if it was younger for… you guessed it,more collagen formation!!

✨ Always wear your SPF to slow aging.

✨ Sleep on your back as much as possible, 🙄 do not even say it is hard. Just do it! Train yourself... it is worth it!!

✨ Eat healthy fats and lots of veggies, avoid processed food.

✨ Definitely do not smoke and limit alcohol consumption.

These simple alternatives and lifestyle changes will promoted your skin's collagen and elastin production! What could be better than that?!


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